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On this page we have a number of links that could be useful for tribologists and those trying to learn more about this field:

1. Non-profit Associations

2. Universities and Laboratories:

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American Society for Testing and Materials

American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Tribology Division

British Lubricants Federation


Institute of Physics, Tribology Group

The Institution of Mechanical Engineering (ImechE), Tribology Group

International SEMATECH

Japanese Society of Tribologists (JAST)

National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International

Society of Automotive Engineers

Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

South African Institute of Tribology

Surface Engineering Associates

Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (EMPA)

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Advanced Coating and Surface Engineering Laboratory (ACSEL) of Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado 

Argonne National Laboratory, Energy Technology Division, Tribology Section

Center for Advanced Friction Studies, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois

Center for SurfaceEngineering and Tribology, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology (LASST), University of Maine, Orono, Maine

Materials and Process Sciences Center, Sandia National Laboratories

Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

Pennsylvania State University, Dept. of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Tribology Research Project, University Park, Pennsylvania

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana:

1. Materials Processing and Tribology Research Group

2. Mechanical Engineering Tribology Laboratory

3. Coating System Research Center

NASA (Tribology & Surface Science Branch), Cleveland, Ohio

Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas

Tribology Group in the University of California, Berkeley

Tribology Laboratory, the University of Akron, Ohio

Tribology Laboratory, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Tribology/Manufacturing Laboratory, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering Dept., University of Notre-Dame, Indiana

Tribology Research, University of Texas, Lubbock, Texas

Tribology Research Centre, the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

Wear of Materials (Tribology) Research Group, University of Windsor, Canada

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Center for Tribology and Technical Diagnostics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Institute for Machine Elements Gear Research Centre (FZG), Technical University of Munich, Germany

Ceramics and Tribology Research Group, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, Tribology Section, University of London, UK

Laboratoire de Mécanique des Contacts (LMC), Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, France

Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology (LSST), Department of Materials, Zurich, Switzerland

Le Laboratoire de Tribologie et Dynamique des Systèmes, Lyon, France

Lulea University of Technology, Division of Machine Elements, Tribolab Europa, Sweden

Royal Institute of Technology, Machine Elements Division, Stockholm, Sweden

School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds, UK

Swiss Tribology Online (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland)

Tribology Group, University of Twente, Netherlands

Tribology and Surface Engineering, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Tribology Website of the University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg, Germany

University of Cambridge, Department of Materials Science and Tribology

University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

WWW Tribology @ Sheffield, University of Sheffield, UK

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Kanazawa University, Faculty of Engineering, Tribological Laboratory, Japan

Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST), Tribology Laboratory

Niigata University, Faculty of Engineering, Tribology laboratory, Japan

Technion, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Tribology Laboratory, Haifa, Israel

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Tribology Laboratory, the University of Western Australia, Nedlands, Western Australia

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Mathematical constants

Physical constants

Physical and Mechanical Materials Properties

Some computer algorithms for mechanical calculations

Stanford University's Virtual Engineering Site (an excellent source of literature in various mechanical engineering problems)

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Applied Surface Science

Industrial Lubrication and Tribology

International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives

Journal of Tribology (ASME)

Lubricants World

Lubrication Engineering (STLE)

Progress in Surface Science

Surface and Coatings Technology

Surface Science (including Surface Science Letters)

Surface Science Reports

Tribology International

Tribology Letters (LSST)

Tribology Transactions (STLE)


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