Center for Tribology Research

Automotive and Aerospace


Brake testing, paint, adhesion, tire, wiper, glass, fretting, hardness, scratch, rubber seals, bearings, CV joint, piston liner, engine


Fretting, Nano indentation, tribology, micro hardness, scratch hardness, adhesion, etc.

CETR offers a wide range of solutions to meet your product research and analysis needs. Our fully-computerized testers of the unique acclaimed design can perform practically all common mechanical and tribological tests involving automobiles, which has made them the most widely used mechanical and tribological testers in the world

The tool comes with the optional add on environmental chambers that can go from –40 to 1000 degree C, under vacuum or under humidity or gases.

Typical tests routinely run on the CETR testers include:

  • Bearing and its sub assemblies for wear and friction
  • Tire wear and friction at different velocities and temperature
  • Braking efficiency under different environmental conditions
  • Wiper blades wear and friction with and without water
  • Glass windows scratch hardness
  • Paint and adhesives for scratch and tape peel adhesion
  • Rubber for modulus and creep
  • Protective coatings on engine components for wear resistance
  • Piston liner for friction and wear studies
  • Engine parts for wear, hardness, and friction
  • Fretting under very low/high temperatures
  • Biodiesel nozzle, effect of viscous bio diesel
  • Gears and its components for wear and friction

Published Papers and Applications

Lubricants, Oil and Engine Tests

Coating and Thin Films

Lubricants, Oil and Greases Analysis

Friction Characteristic of Clutches

Lip Seal Characterization

Nano Indentation

Low Friction Ring pack for Gasoline Engines
ACME 2006

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