Center for Tribology Research

Bio Materials


Joints, knee, bone, dental, skin, hair, sutures, stent, contact lens, tissues, synovial fluids, implants, pumps, optical lens, pumps, drug delivery


Cream, hair gels, shampoo, conditioner, contact lenses, lipstick, nail varnish, razors, anti-friction creams, oil

CETR offers a wide range of solutions to meet your mechanical and tribological testing, research and analysis needs. If you wish to perform your own testing, CETR manufactures and sells the most advanced biomedical test instrumentation on the market. Our equipment is backed by a full warranty, outstanding customer service, on-site installation and in-depth training.

If you would like testing performed for you, CETR lab performs a wide range of tests to meet your testing needs. Strict confidentiality of your data is always guaranteed

The tool comes with advanced features such as inline imaging and a powerful statistical software.

Typical tests routinely run on the CETR testers for bio-materials include:

  • Surgical needles with force penetration equipment
  • Surgical sutures for friction, durability, knot strength, bending, tension and abrasion
  • Catheters for wear and friction
  • Stents for fatigue and wear
  • Cardio balloons for multi axis flexibility and strength
  • Dental materials for wear, grinding, erosion and hardness
  • Orthopedic joins for wear and friction
  • Creams and lotions for skin etc.
  • Skin for elasticity, smoothness and moisturinsing action
  • Razor blades for cutting action
  • Hair for elasticity, softness, tendency to angle and friction.
  • Shampoo and hair conditioners and its effrct on hair
  • Contact lenses for friction, scratch and wear
  • Eye glasses for abrasion, and scratch resistance.
  • Soaps and cleaners for detergents
  • For various biomaterials for hardness , creep, fatigue, strehngth, stress, strain, and varios
  • other nano mechanical properties
  • Synovial fluids for tribological studies

Published Papers and Applications

Skin Tribology
STLE Tribology Transactions (Vol, 47 No 4 October- December 2004)

Comprehensive Nano Mechanical and Tribological properties of Hair, Shampoos and Conditioner
STLE/ASME International Joint Tribology Conference (October 2007)

Micro Nano Scale Mechanical and Tribological Characterization of SiC for Orthopedic joints
Wiley Interscience Nov 2004

Wear Behavior and Debris distribution of UHMMPE in bi-directional Sliding
WEAR 264 (2008)

Frictional Characterization of Bovine Knee Articular Cartilage
Journal of Bionic Engineering (2006)

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