Center for Tribology Research

Solutions for Fastener Research

CETR offers a wide range of solutions to meet your fastener testing, research and analysis needs.

If you wish to perform your own tests, CETR manufactures and sells the world’s most advanced and sophisticated fastener testers, backed by a full warranty, outstanding customer service, on-site installation and in-depth training.

If you would like testing performed for you, CETR lab performs a wide range of tests to meet your testing needs.  Strict confidentiality of your data is always guaranteed.

Our single-platform, multiple-configurations fully-computerized UMT testers of the unique acclaimed modular design can perform practically all common mechanical and tribological tests of fasteners. To see an example of such tests, please click on the link below:

Tribology Testing of Fasteners: Optimization of Materials | PDF file, 318 Kb

For more detailed descriptions and information please click the link below:

UMT Main | PDF file

For some of the archival-quality test results obtained by scientists all over the world on the UMT testers for coatings testing and research, please click the link below:

Published Papers

Contact CETR to discuss your testing needs in detail, for more information and pricing or to set up an appointment to visit our lab in Northern California. You will surely be pleased with our wide expertise, unique equipment and friendly effective services.