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High Temperature Materials


Bearings, Engine components, Aerospace, space shuttle tiles, gaskets, coatings, superconductor, turbines, ceramics, fuel cells

Ultrahigh temperature materials are receiving more attention due to an increase need for materials for extreme environments. Researches have shown the ultra high temperature ceramic (UHTC) have the most promise for use at ultrahigh temperatures due to their high melting temperatures, and high hardness, and chemical stability at elevated temperatures.

CETR UMT has been developed to do wide range of mechanical and tribological analysis under extreme environmental conditions (-40 to 1200 degree C, Under 10-7 Torr Vacuum, Humidity etc.)

If you wish to perform your own testing, CETR manufactures and sells the most advanced test instrumentation on the market. Our equipment is backed by a full warranty, outstanding customer service, on-site installation and in-depth training. If you would like testing performed for you, CETR lab performs a wide range of tests to meet your testing needs. Strict confidentiality of your data is always guaranteed.

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Typical tests routinely run on UMT-series tribometers include:

  • High temperature Friction test
  • High temperature wear test
  • High temperature indentation
  • High temperature tension and compression
  • High temperature fatigue test
  • High temperature and vacuum mechanical property testing


  • Environmental Chambers (1200 degree C, Vacuum, humidity)
  • Mapping of unlimited number of indents.
  • High throughput and repeatability.
  • Optional advanced in-situ sensors (acoustic emission etc.).
  • Thermal & acoustic enclosure, vibration isolation table.
  • ASTM, DIN and ISO compliant.
  • User definable analysis algorithm or models to calculate material properties.

Published Papers and Applications

Insitu reaction Synthesis and Characterization of Ceramic composite Coating
Ceramic International 32 (2006)

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