Center for Tribology Research

Semiconductor Materials


Scratch adhesion, low k material, modulus, hardness, friction, electrical contacts, cmp, hardisk overcoats, polishing pad, slurries

Hard Disk Industry

Friction, cof, hardness. Overcoats, protective coatings on CD, polishing

Optical Components

LCD, glass, windows, lenses, plasma displays, LED

Thin Films

DLC, CVD, PVD, decorative coatings, solar cells, MEMS, etc.

CETR offers a wide range of solutions to meet your coating and thin films testing, research and analysis needs.

If you wish to perform your own tests, CETR manufactures and sells the world’s most advanced testers, backed by a full warranty, outstanding customer service, on-site installation and in-depth training.

If you would like testing performed for you, CETR lab performs a wide range of tests to meet your testing needs. Strict confidentiality of your data is always guaranteed.

Our single-platform, multiple-configurations fully-computerized testers of the unique acclaimed modular design can perform practically all common mechanical and tribological tests of thin and thick coatings. This versatility has made them the most
widely used tester in the world.

The tool comes with advanced options like inline imaging , which allows the tested sample to automatically move from under the tip to the integrated AFM or 3D profiler.

Typical tests routinely run on the CETR testers include:

  • Scratch adhesion
  • Tape peel adhesion
  • Nano indentation and nano scratch
  • Micro indentation and micro scratch
  • Youngs modulus and stiffness
  • Friction coefficient
  • Nano and micro wear
  • Wear resistance
  • Scratch Hardness

Published Papers and Applications

Nano Indentation and Scratch

Micro Indentation and Scratch

Study of Doped DLC films by Ti implantation
Thin Solid Films 475 (2005)

Tribological Properties of Self Assembled Monolayers deposited on Si
Journal of Applied Physics 38 (2005)

Contact CETR to discuss your testing needs in detail, for more information and pricing or to set up an appointment to visit our lab in Northern California. You will surely be pleased with our wide expertise, unique equipment and friendly effective services.