Center for Tribology Research

Skin Testing

Application notes

Biomedical micro-tribometer application for skin studies (both in-vivo and in-vitro) (PDF 722 Kb)

Published papers

Tribological Studies on Skin: Measurement of the Coefficient of Friction

Dermatology: Clinical & Basic Science Series

Dry Skin and Moisturizers, Chemistry and Function

Norm Gitis, Raja Sivamani, W.U. Gabriel, Howard I. Maibach
Center for Tribology, Inc. Campbell, California

Tribological testing of skin products: gender, age, and ethnicity on the volar forearm (PDF 302 Kb)

Skin Research and Technology 2003: 9: 1–7; Blackwell Munksgaard 2003; ISSN 0909-752X

Tribometrology of Skin (PDF 1.8 Mb) 

Tribology Transactions, 47: 1-9, 2004; Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers ISSN: 0569-8197

Norm Gitis and Raja Sivamani
Center for Tribology, Inc. Campbell, California

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